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As a FormAssembly administrator on an Essentials plan or above, you have full access to set defaults for your instance.


Locale & Time Zone

  • Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | General

These settings will be reflected in the responses and reports from within FormAssembly.

Administrative Emails

Support email & Bounce email addresses

  • Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | General

The email address you enter in the "Support email" field will be the email that is used when one of your users chooses to "open a support request." This address can be if you would like those questions to be routed to our support team.

FormAssembly will email administrative notifications to the Support address. The Bounce address is where undeliverable email will bounce back to you. It can be set to the administrator’s email, or to an unmonitored address.

Note: These emails must be filled in. If they are not, there is the potential to receive errors in your connector logs.  Additionally, in order for a form owner to receive emails regarding connector errors, the "support email" field must be defined by the enterprise administrator. 

Default Application Logo

  • Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | Application

To change the logo displayed on the top-left corner of the application, you must provide the full URL to the desired image in the “Logo URL” field.  Please note, the recommended size for custom logos is 240x20

Default Form Builder

  • Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | Application

Leave this field empty, or keep the default value, to use the most recent version of the Form Builder. However, as you upgrade the application, you may get a new version that is significantly different from what your users are accustomed to. If you prefer to keep using an older version, you may enter here the desired version number (e.g., 3.4.2, or 4.0.0). See more details about managing the Form Builder Versions.

Default Password Expiration

  • Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | Application

Leave this field empty, or keep the default value, to determine when user passwords expire. By default, Enterprise user passwords will expire after 90 days. 

Data Retention

Delete data automatically after (in days)

  • Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | Data Retention

This is an optional setting that allows you to enforce a strict data retention policy. If you wish to purge responses (data collected with the forms) after a given number of days, enter the number here. To keep the data, just leave the field empty. Note: The purge only deletes completed responses. Deletion is definitive and cannot be undone. Incomplete responses, forms, and other application data will not be deleted. On-Site users: Please refer to the Setup Manual to make sure that the purge routine is correctly scheduled.

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