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You can create repeating questions and sections in FormAssembly Forms.

Repeatable questions allow respondents to give more than one answer. This is useful for forms such as job applications, where an applicant may need to add multiple references, or student registration forms, where students can enroll in multiple classes.

  • If you need multiple repeatable fields, it's best to place the fields within a section and make the section repeat instead.  Also, it is not possible to use formulas within repeating sections.
  • While FormAssembly does not have limits on the use of this feature, extensive use in combination with other similar features may impact performance on your respondent's browsers and devices. Before you begin building advanced forms, we recommend reading through our Best Practices in Form Building document to learn more about our recommended planning and testing practices.

Repeatable Section

A repeatable section is helpful if you don't know how many fields will be needed. For example, with contact information, some respondents may need to add ten contacts, and some may need to add three.

Use a repeatable section for contact information, so the form remains simple and inviting. 

Tip: It can be difficult to select a section to modify from the form canvas. If you are having difficulty, you can open the Outline view, and select the section from within the outline.

Create a Repeatable Field or Section

  1. Select the element on the form.
  2. Select the Options button to open the editing sidebar.
  3. Expand the Repeatable Option settings.
  4. Check the corresponding box for This is a repeating field (or section).
Note: Repeating fields and sections do not work with post-processing formulas in any connectors. This is because repeating fields and sections concatenate the values of each of the repeated fields when pulled into the connector which does not allow for the usual formula syntax to be used. Additionally, you cannot use aliases from repeating fields in any FormAssembly formulas.

Repeatable Field Behaviors

Different settings allow for different behaviors.  To provide clarity, the image below shows if a field will hold a default value or not.

Limit Repeatable Fields & Sections

Once you enable the repeatable option for the field or section, you have the opportunity to limit the repeating instance. If you do not want to add a limit, leave it blank.

Change Repeatable Text

You can change the repeatable text by double-clicking on Add another response. Delete the existing text and type in your own message.

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