Getting Started with Donation Forms 

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You can use FormAssembly to quickly and easily create a donation form for your organization. Whether you want to collect one-time donations, recurring donations, or both, you can do it all with a FormAssembly form.

Building a Donation Form

1. Efficient Form Building

When building a donation form, you don't have to start from scratch! We have a number of templates in our Template Library that you can use as the base for your donation form. 

You can also quickly add payment collection fields to your form with our Predefined Content feature

2. Credit Card Field Requirements

If you're not using Predefined Content to create your fields but you are collecting credit card information, remember to mark your credit card fields as sensitive. Not marking credit card fields as sensitive is a violation that can cause your form to be moderated or even banned

3. Select a Payment Connector

Once you have created and saved your form, it's time to add a payment connector! Credit card fields are not stored in FormAssembly, so they must be passed through a payment connector in order to collect payments. You can check out this help document to determine which payment connector is right for you

4. Payment Connector Setup

Once you have selected your payment connector, you can set it up while using our help documentation as a guide

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