Use the FormAssembly Lightning Component in Salesforce Communities 

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The following steps will walk you through how to use FormAssembly's Lightning Component to publish a form within your Salesforce Community.

Prior to starting these steps, please make sure you have installed FormAssembly from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Configuration Steps

1. Go to SetupAll Communities and click Manage for the community where you plan to publish your form.

2. Go to the Community Builder, find the page where you want to publish the form, and select Components.

3. Next, select FormAssembly Form under Custom Components. If you do not see this option, please make sure you have installed FormAssembly from the AppExchange and have updated to at least version 2.6.

4. Drag the form to place on your page where you would like it. Then, open a new tab or browser window and login to your FormAssembly account.

5. Within FormAssembly, find the form you would like to publish and go to ConfigureProcessing.

6. Under Allow Responses From select Salesforce Community User.

7. Click Configure and then enter your Portal Login URL and Salesforce Org ID. Additional information and details on this process can be found on our Salesforce Communities Authentication page.

8. Next, scroll down to Step 2. Form Link. In the first URL that is provided, look for the token. This will be the value that is immediately to the left of the /{!URLENCODE}. You will need to copy that token value:

9. Return to your Community Builder page and paste the token value into the Lightning Component dialog box. Additionally, you will need to paste in the Form ID, which can be found at the top of the configuration page.

10. Press enter on your keyboard to save that information. Finally, publish the changes to your Community. You should now be able to see the form when logged in to your community.


After you publish your form, if you are seeing "please wait" on your live community where the form should be, then you will need to go back to SalesforceSetupCustom SettingsManage (for FormAssembly).

From there, you will need click New at the top to set up a new organization level value. After selecting new, make sure that the URL reads if you are a professional or premier client, or shows your Enterprise instance URL if you are an enterprise client. Then, click Save.

Refresh your community, and your form should now show.

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