Payment Connectors and Email Notifications 

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When using FormAssembly's payment connectors, hidden fields will automatically be added to the end of each form that has a payment connector added to the connector timeline. These hidden fields are needed to collect and send transaction information to the payment processor you are using.

However, these hidden fields will also be shown in default notification and auto-responder emails, which you may want to remove.

Creating Custom Email Templates

In order to send email notifications and auto-responder emails that do not include the hidden fields that were added by the payment connector, you will not be able to use the generic %%RESPONSE%% field alias. This alias will include all response data, including the hidden fields added by the payment connectors.

Instead, you will need to create a custom email template, and use the field aliases for the specific fields that you would like included in the email text.

More information on creating custom email templates can be found on our Notifications and Auto-Responder page.

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