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To enable the Review page, check the setting in the Processing page of the form's configuration settings. The checkbox is located under "Optional Processing Features":

This option adds an intermediary step between the form submission and the display of your Thank You page. The look of this page will inherit the form theme and account branding settings.  Custom code added in the Form Builder will not be inherited by the review before submit page.

The Review

The respondent is greeted with this message at the top of the Review page:

Please review your response and confirm.
You MUST click the confirm button at the bottom of this page to finalize your response. If you want to print this page for your record, you may do it now.


Please Note: This message is not currently editable.

At the bottom of the page, the submitted data is displayed to the respondent. The respondent will have the option to return to the form to make further edits, confirm the submission, or print the page.

Sensitive Data 

When using "Review Before Submit" on your form, if a form respondent makes a correction, any fields that have been marked as "Credit Card Number" or "CVV Code" will be cleared. The previous information that the respondent entered into the field will no longer be available.

PII, PHI, and General Sensitive Data can be resumed with the stored values displaying, like other fields.

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