Salesforce Error: Bad value for restricted picklist 

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Bad value for restricted picklist

This error can mean several things.  We recommend checking the following possibilities to see if one might be causing this error.  It's best to begin by looking at the mappings in your connector that are specifically mentioned in the error. 

  1. You may have accidentally mapped a field twice in the Salesforce connector. Check through your field mappings to be sure that each field is only mapped once. 
  2. You may be sending a value to a picklist that is not one of the specified values for the picklist. You will need to check your send-as values for each field and compare those to what Salesforce is expecting. In other words, double-check that your mappings are spelled exactly the same as what Salesforce is expecting, including upper and lower case.  Finally, check to make sure that your mappings don't have an extra leading or trailing space in the field.
  3. Try refreshing your schema (Save your connector, then up at the top select Go ToGet New Salesforce Objects) and then delete and remap the picklist that is causing the error. 
  4. Trying using the API name for the picklist value in the connector.
  5. Turn off custom API in the connector.
  6. If you are using a global picklist in SF:
    • It used to be when ever a new value was added to a picklist you had to add it into the record type picklist manually. Now when you add a new value, it asks you if you would like to add it Global. Even with a global list, you have to add it manually.  To Update a list you need to go to the Objects Record Type then select the Record Type Label and then edit the Picklist that is available for editing in the list.

You can find additional information from Salesforce regarding this error here

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