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Add Fields and Sections

At the top left of the Form Builder, you'll find a blue Add Content button.

From here, you can add a variety of elements, such as questions, fields, and sections.

Overview of Field Types

In the Form Builder, a question is represented by a label, which states the question and describes the requested information, and an input (also called a field), which provides space for the answer.

Questions are organized into 9 different types, based on the input field:

Field Type



Text InputA text input allows a single line of text. Best used for questions that have a simple answer, like First Name.
Text AreaA text area allows several lines of text. Best for questions requiring longer answers, like an essay. You can define a character limit for the field with the validation rules.
CheckboxesCheckboxes show a list of choices. Multiple answers can be selected.
Radio ButtonsRadio buttons show a list of multiple choices. Only one answer can be selected. Radio buttons get their name from old car radios, where you could push a button to select a station, and the previous selection would pop out.
Drop-Down Menu

Like the radio button, the drop-down menu lists a number of choices. Only one answer can be selected. This input type is preferable when you have a long list of choices.  

Please note, if your menu has more than 500 choices, we recommend using the Autosuggest feature or our Menu Dependencies feature.

Selection ListLike checkboxes, a selection list displays a list of choices and allows multiple answers. Note that checkboxes are usually simpler and easier to use for respondents. To select multiple choices, respondents will need to click and hold the CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) key while making selections. 
File UploadA file upload allows respondents to select a file on their computer and attach it to the form. A maximum of 20 file upload fields may be added to a form.

Please note, there is a 35 MB limit for the total size of uploaded files to a form. For Team and Enterprise users, the limit is 30 MB, but this upload limit may be decreased or increased to a max of 35 MB by request to FormAssembly Support.
PasswordThe password input allows a single line of text. The entry is masked.
Hidden FieldThis type of input is not visible in the form, and respondents cannot enter data into it. Useful for storing tracking data that doesn't need to be edited. 

Overview of Section Types

Sections are containers that contain questions, or other sections. Sections provide a way to organize your form and apply a particular layout or behavior to a group of questions.

For instance, you can create a section to arrange questions across multiple columns.

Section Type


GroupA group is an invisible way to organize multiple elements in a form.
FieldsetA fieldset visually groups related questions together, such as contact information. The fieldset has a border, and its title (called a legend) is characteristically displayed across the top border.
PageYou can add multiple pages to a form for a more user-friendly and organized layout.

Note: It's easiest to create the page first, then the fields within the page, but you can also drag and drop fields into other pages.

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