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Managing Datasets

The Dataset List makes it easy to manage datasets you've imported to use with our Autosuggest feature. Datasets are useful when you want users to be able to choose from lists of options too long for a dropdown menu. To access this tab, click Dataset List in the sidebar of the Forms List page.

Note: the Autosuggest feature has been released to all Premier, Essentials and above users who are using Form Builder 4.4.0 and above.  Datasets currently have a size limit of 2MB.

If you are an Essentials and above user, you will need to make sure the Can Use Datasets permission is checked under User Roles in the Admin Dashboard for any user wishing to use this feature.

Active Datasets

Datasets that you've imported and are currently using will be shown in the Active Datasets section. This view contains information about the source of the dataset, the name, the language, the date it was created, the date it was last modified, and its visibility. 

Click on a dataset's filename to access additional information about a dataset.

Click Make Public in order to make a dataset available to all users on your instance (Essentials and above users only). By default, datasets will be set as Private, which means they can only be accessed by the user who imported them.

Click Deactivate to deactivate a given data set. This will remove the dataset from the list of existing datasets you have access to from within the Form Builder. It can be useful to deactivate a dataset if you don't plan to use it frequently or if you're using a large number of datasets. Deactivating a dataset will move it to the Inactive Datasets section, but it will not be deleted.

Inactive Datasets

Datasets you're not currently using are shown in the Inactive Datasets section. Like the Active Datasets section, this list contains information about the language of a dataset, the date it was created, the date it was last modified, and its visibility.

Click Reactivate to reactivate a data set. This will make the dataset accessible from your list of existing datasets in the Form Builder.

Click Delete to permanently delete a dataset from your account. You should only delete a dataset if you're sure you won't need to use it again.

Accessing Datasets

If you are encountering a message that states that you do not have access to Datasets, you may have one of two issues.

  1.  You are an APP customer on our Professional or Basic Plan and do not have access to the feature at this level.
  2. You are an Essentials or above customer and do not have the correct permissions turned on to use this feature.
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