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You can use FormAssembly's HTTPS connector to integrate with GoToWebinar.  This can be useful if you would like to use your own forms for webinar registrations, or if you want to use our other connectors to process payments or send data to Salesforce in addition to registering customers.  

Note: The HTTPS Connector is available on all FormAssembly plans. 

 Additionally, the GoToWebinar API does not support custom fields, therefore this integration does not work with custom GoToWebinar fields, only standard fields.

Getting Started with Connectors:

Configuring the Connector

To begin, select the form you'll be working with, go to the Connectors page, select the HTTPS Connector in the Form Submitted portion of the timeline, and click on Configure.

At the top of the connector, under Remote Script you'll need to enter this for the Remote Script URL: and make sure the request method is set to POST

Field Mapping

Field Mapping is how the connector knows what fields in your form are going to be sent to the specific fields in your webinar registration form.

To begin, find the field in your FormAssembly form where the user will be selecting the webinar they wish to attend. In the example below, this is called "Class Selection." For that field, you will need to give it a value of "webinar"

Next, click on Show Choice Mapping so you can see the selections available. Here, you will need to assign the GoToWebinar ID for each individual webinar, as shown below:

If you do not know how to find your GoToWebinar ID, this is located at the end of the URL for each webinar:

Finally, you'll need to map the following values to the fields you would like to send to the registration form. Please note that First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are the only fields that are required by GoToWebinar.

Once you have everything mapped, you're ready to click Apply and start testing things out!

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