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The HTML button from your Options menu allows you to add styling to your form element as well as include additional content.

Please Note: While it is possible to use custom code such as HTML in your forms, our Support Team does not support writing or editing custom code. 

Common HTML Tags

<h1> - <h6>Heading
<ul> & <li>Unordered List & List Item
<hr>Horizontal Rule

Disallowed HTML Elements

Some elements cannot be used in the Form Builder due to security or functionality issues. The disallowed HTML elements are:

  • applet
  • base
  • basefont
  • command
  • embed
  • frame
  • frameset
  • iframe
  • keygen
  • link
  • meta
  • noframes
  • noscript
  • object
  • onclick
  • param
  • script
  • title


<b>This tag will bold the text within it.</b>

Create a bulleted list


Create a horizontal line


Create a hyperlink

<a href="http://www.google.com">Link to Google</a>

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