Incomplete Responses 

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Incomplete Responses

Incomplete responses are created when a respondent saves a form response or when there is a processing error in the form submitted section of the connector timeline. You can click on any incomplete response to view additional data and options. Once you click on an incomplete response, options will appear across the top and to the left. 

Options across the top of the response:

Options to the left of the response:

View Response

This is selected by default and allows you to view the incomplete response. 

Print Response

The print-friendly option displays a clear view of the response without the left menu.

You will also have the option of selecting different viewing options (Standard, Verbose, or Compact).

Edit Response

This option will take you to the form which will be filled in with the current response data. You may alter and re-submit. Doing so will not re-send email notifications, run any connectors that are enabled, or finalize the response.

Reset Password

The reset password option will send a new password to the respondent to log into the response they saved. This will reset the password for the form to a random string and send an email to the respondent with the new login details.

Send Reminder

This will send another email to the respondent to remind them that they have not completed the response. You will have the option to customize the email that is sent. 

Finalize Response

The finalize button will finalize the response and mark it as complete. This also sends the email notifications and runs the response through any enabled connectors. 

Delete Response

The delete response option will delete the response. You will not have the option to restore the response once you delete it. 

Layout Options

This view will include all images, paragraph text, and formatting as seen in the form.
The Default view will exclude any additional text and only show the form fields.
The Compact view will exclude any additional text and only show the form fields. Form labels and values will be inline to reduce the length of the response.
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