Form to Form Prefilling with a Redirect URL 

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When using a Redirect URL to redirect a respondent from one form to another, it is possible to prefill the second form with data collected in the first. This can allow you to simplify the form process for your respondents. You can also use this method to run a Salesforce Prefill Connector between the two forms and prefill Salesforce data into your second form based on data from the respondent! 

Important Resources:

1. Read this Prefill Through the URL help document and learn how to build a prefilled link

2. Visit this help document to review the basics of building a custom Redirect URL

3. Learn more about how to set up the Salesforce Prefill Connector in this help document

Passing Data Between Forms

When passing data between FormAssembly forms, you'll need to set up a prefilled redirect URL. This redirect URL will have some differences when compared to the standard prefilled link. 

Instead of setting the field alias equal to the value you'd like to prefill, you'll use a FormAssembly Formula to pull a value from the first form and send it to the second form. To do this, you'll use the first form's value aliases nested inside double percent (%%) signs as the values for the prefilled link. 

For example, here is a standard prefilled link:

Now, let's say you want to take a value from our first form, and prefill that value into our second form. To do this, you would go into the first form and copy the alias for the field you want to pull over. Then you would change the prefilled link to use that alias for the value:

So the format would be:

In the example above, tfa_email1's value from the first form will be passed to the field tfa_email2 on the second form.

Once you are finished building the prefilled redirect URL, place the URL in the redirect field in the Notifications page of your first form.

Pass Multiple Choice Values

Selection List, Radio Button, and Drop-down Menu

When prefilling a selection list, radio button, or drop-down menu field, you will need the choices on the first form and the second form to match. Then you can simply use the field's alias in the prefilled redirect URL just as we did in the example above. 


When building a prefilled redirect URL, you will need to use the choice alias for the checkbox, not the field alias. You can get this choice alias by clicking on the field in your form builder, selecting "Choices", and then taking the alias from the column on the right. 

So the prefilled redirect URL which would pass this checkbox to the second form would be:

With checkboxes, you must do a one to one checkbox mapping. In other words, you cannot use the field alias for a checkbox question, you must use the aliases for the individual checkbox selections.

Passing Data to a Salesforce Prefill Connector

You can pass data from your first form into a Salesforce Prefill Connector on the second form. This would allow you to run a search in Salesforce for records based on the data collected in the first form, and then prefill the information from the located records. 

To do this, you can use the "unsafe query parameter" option in your second form's Salesforce Prefill Connector. Build your prefilled link using the instructions in our Salesforce Prefill Connector help document. Next, use the first form's field aliases as the search values in your link. Finally, place the URL in the redirect field in the Notifications page of your first form

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