Working with the FormAssembly API 

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An API, or Application Programming Interface, allows different software programs to communicate with each other.  For more advanced users, you can use FormAssembly's API to interact with other software programs that are set up to send or receive data through an API. 

All FormAssembly plans provide a secure REST API for interacting with user accounts and exporting data. You can use the FormAssembly API to create custom interactions with third-party applications.

Complete API details can be found here.

Before you can start building an application using the FormAssembly API, check out the FormAssembly Developer Hub for information on how to register, obtain a CLIENT_ID, and get access to a sandbox.

Potential Use Cases

In general, you can use the FormAssembly API to interact with FormAssembly forms, themes, connectors, and many other components of the application.

For example, you could use the API to send updates to the CSS code for a theme or even to delete an existing theme.

You can also use the API to create new connectors, return an encoded copy of a connector's definition in XML or JSON, or delete an existing connector.

For Drupal users, this example provides another possibility for how you might use the FormAssembly API to interact with a third-party application.

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