Custom Use Cases

Use Cases which take advantage of custom code to expand your data collection possibilities.


Dynamically Prefill Forms with Salesforce Data
Learn how to start prefilling from Salesforce
Using FormAssembly's Publishing API with Salesforce
Learn about FormAssembly's publishing API with Salesforce
Style an Individual Element
Please Note: Our Support Team is unable to assist in writing or editing custom code. Overview With the latest version of the Theme Builder, you can style the entire form.  However, custom code will be required to update specific elements in...
Use Case: Require a Maximum Number of Checkboxes
Learn how to limit the number of checkboxes a respondent can check in a form.
Add Discount Codes to a Form
Learn how to add percent-based and dollar-based discount codes into your form.
Generate Latitude and Longitude With Google Maps API
Overview At times you may wish to collect not just an address, but also the latitude and longitude of the address in question. However, many form respondents will not know the latitude and longitude of a given address. In situations like these, it ...
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