FormAssembly Use Cases

Use Cases which show how you can utilize FormAssembly in new and exciting ways.


 Create a Form for Multiple Audiences
Overview Creating multiple forms for different groups or audiences can often become challenging and difficult to manage. You end up with multiple connectors to maintain, multiple links to send out, and notifications to keep track of for each d...
 Use Case: Create Lead or Update Contact
Learn about creating leads and updating contacts
Use Case: Campaign Members
Learn when you might want to use Campaign Members
Getting Started with Donation Forms
Learn how to use FormAssembly to create a donation form for your organization.
Use Case: Create a Chatter Post in Salesforce and Include a File
Learn how to send a file to a Chatter post
Use Case: Create a Salesforce Service Cloud Case
Learn how to create case records in Salesforce Service Cloud
 Use Case: Prefill Salesforce Data for Respondents to View and Edit
Learn how you can prefill Salesforce information for your respondents to view and/or edit.
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