Managing FormAssembly


Application Settings
Learn about FormAssembly application settings from the admin dashboard
IP Anonymization
Learn about IP anonymization from the admin dashboard
Message Administration
Learn how to manage in-app messaging from the admin dashboard
Public Announcement Administration
Learn how to manage public announcements from the admin dashboard
Purge Response Data
Learn how to purge response data from the admin dashboard
Grant Access Feature for Enterprise Administrators
Learn about FormAssembly's Grant Access feature
SSL Certification for Custom Enterprise Domains
Overview When you create a custom domain through FormAssembly, the SSL certificate for that domain is something that your organization will have to purchase. Currently, we only provide the SSL certificate for your original domain and that certifica...
View or Restore Deleted Responses for Enterprise Administrators
Learn how enterprise admins can restore deleted responses
How to Resolve "Cannot send message without a sender address" Error
Learn how you can resolve the "Error Sending Email With Message-ID fa_Message" error.
Registering Third Party Apps for Enterprise Admins
Learn how enterprise admins can register 3rd party apps.
API Quotas for Enterprise Admins
Learn how to increase or decrease FormAssembly's API Quota.
Managing Support Email Requests
Overview By default, using the in-app option to "open a support request" will send a support request to FormAssembly's support team. This is true for all enterprise users and administrators. Requirements Enterprise Compliance C...
Enterprise Save & Resume
Overview Long forms can benefit from giving respondents the option to save their form and resume it at another time.  Once respondents save their form, they will receive an email with directions on how they can later resume their form.  ...
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