Thank You Page or Redirect
Learn how to create a thank you page or a redirect link to send respondent's to a new page upon form completion.
Email Notifications and Auto-Responder
Learn about form notifications and setting up FormAssembly's Auto-Responder to send out automatic emails when forms are submitted.
Conditional Email Notifications
Learn how to send conditional email notifications to members of your organization based on form responses.
Response Aliases
Learn how you can use response aliases to create dynamic notifications within FormAssembly.
Email Deliverability Issues and SPF Records
Email Deliverability Issues and SPF Records If you are having email deliverability issues with our notifications or auto-responder emails, you should contact your IT/server administrator and ask them to publish an SPF record. When generating ...
DMARC/DKIM Email Authentication
DMARC We currently do not support DMARC authentication for emails. We do adhere to common best practices including: Using consistent IP addresses when sending bulk emails Keeping valid reverse DNS records for our mailing IP addresses Using...
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