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  • You must be on the Professional or Premier Plan to share your own forms and data.
  • Any user you share your form with must have their own FormAssembly account, on the Professional or Premier Plan.
  • The Enterprise Plan is a multi-user platform where forms may be shared between its users.

Allow Another User to Edit Your Form

By default, only you can access your forms and data. Nothing is shared.

To allow another FormAssembly user to edit your forms, modify the processing options, and/or access the submitted responses:

  • Go to the Forms List, hover Configure for the form you'd like to share, and click Collaboration

  • In the Username(s) field, enter the username of the user you want to share the form with. You may enter more than one name by separating them with a comma.
  • Specify whether the person will be allowed to view submitted responses and/or modify the form by checking the appropriate box. By default, the two boxes are checked, meaning that you will allow the person to do both.  
  • You must select at least one of the permission boxes in order to share the form.  
  • If the user you are sharing forms with is already logged in, they will need to log out and log back in in order to see the newly shared form.

Access permissions must be configured on a form-by-form basis. To quickly share several forms, you may copy the permissions from an already configured form. Click the link Copy permissions from an existing form and select the form in the drop-down menu.

You'll be able to view the username of the people you have shared your form with and have the ability to revoke at any time.

Add Another User to Your Account

You may sign up directly for a new account on Click Sign Up and follow the instructions. Select either the Professional or Premier Plan, depending on what features the new user will need.

Enterprise Users, please see here.

Sharing Limitations

Professional and Premier plan customers can share forms between plans but not with an Enterprise plan.  However, you can transfer forms from a Professional or Premier plan to an Enterprise plan by using the Form Transfer Tool.

Enterprise plan customers can share forms between their users.

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