Troubleshooting and Errors

Documentation to help you troubleshoot your forms and error messages.

Salesforce Connectors Troubleshooting

Learn about basic troubleshooting tips for working with the Salesforce Connectors.

Salesforce Common Errors

Find resolutions to common Salesforce error messages


Publishing Troubleshooting
Learn how to troubleshoot common publishing issues.
WordPress Troubleshooting: curl_setopt() Error
Learn how to resolve a "curl_setopt()" Error when publishing your FormAssembly form to Wordpress.
Common Stripe Error Messages
Overview When dealing with Stripe, you will occasionally run into error messages in the log that prevents it from running. Error - Unit Price not Set The most common occurrence is when you're using both single and recurring payments on the same...
PayPal Error Codes
Overview PayPal returns certain error codes when there are processing errors.  Below is an example of an error code along with the codes and what they mean. Example In this example, you see Error while creating encrypted button (245).  This m...
Export Troubleshooting
Learn how to troubleshoot common export issues
Troubleshooting Your Custom CSS
Introduction Please Note:  Our support team does not provide custom code and cannot help edit, write, or design custom code for your forms. If your custom CSS is not working as it should, there are a couple of methods you can use to troubles...
How to Resolve "Cannot send message without a sender address" Error
Learn how you can resolve the "Error Sending Email With Message-ID fa_Message" error.
Error: "This response has already been processed"
Learn how to resolve the error: "This response has already been processed"
Locked Connector
Overview In the rare case you have changed plans and no longer have access to certain connectors, these connectors will be locked on your form so you are unable to re-configure them.  However, you will be able to delete these connectors to lessen c...
Formatting Issues in Field Labels
Introduction When copying and pasting into FormAssembly, there is often formatting carried over from where the information was copied. This will cause the text to have a yellow background or show as a different font type. Steps In order to clear...
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