Upgrading to Enterprise or Compliance Cloud 

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With FormAssembly's Enterprise, Compliance, and Government Cloud plans, you can manage your organization's users and forms, along with each user's preferences and permissions. This is handy when you have an army of users that need specific access roles and preferences.

How do I upgrade?

Upgrading your plan is a smooth process. We have a few steps to take in order to provide you with the setup and customization you need.

Contact Us.

The first step for upgrading is to contact us. This will help us understand your specific needs when setting up your upgraded instance of FormAssembly, as well as what you may have questions about.

You can also request a quote to learn more.

Expect our follow-up email as soon as we set up your order. You will receive an email containing the URL and credentials to log into your Cloud instance.

Helpful Links

About Enterprise Cloud

About Compliance Cloud 

FormAssembly Administrator Guide

Best Practices in Web Form Security

Cloud Instance Details

We're happy to host your company's new instance of FormAssembly. Choosing one of our Cloud plans allows you to specify the custom URL for your forms to match your company's branding. For example mycompany.tfaforms.net.

You're also able to request a discount if your organization is a nonprofit.

Select how many users you need

With the Enterprise, Compliance, and Government Cloud plans, you can start out with a minimum of 3 users. If you would like to add additional users, please speak with your Customer Success Manager. 

Here's a comparison chart showing all of our plans and features.

Multi-Org Salesforce Integration

Admins can configure multiple connectors on each form so that data is exchanged with two or more Salesforce orgs simultaneously.

The first Salesforce org is included with your FormAssembly plan.  Additional orgs can be added for $200/year.  Please contact sales@formassembly.com for more details.

Payment Method & Billing Schedule

A monthly subscription requires a credit card. On an annual subscription, we can invoice you.

Choose an annual billing schedule for a 10% discount.

Contact Information

We want to make sure that we communicate with you properly moving forward. For example, you may be the administrator for your system but have another colleague who should be set up as the primary contact or billing contact. You can note this on the order form.

Nonprofit Discount

On all FormAssembly plans, you can request a 20% nonprofit discount.

Content Migration

If you would like to have your existing forms copied from your current account, you can use our Form Transfer Tool.

For future access to your original forms, ask to suspend your account. You will still be able to access all the forms and responses, but new form submissions will not process or be sent through connectors.

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