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Embed your form with an iframe

In order to publish your form on Google sites, you'll need to embed it as an iframe. Login into your Google Site, choose Insert  More Gadgets and then select Include Gadget (iframe)

Click on Select at the bottom of the pop-up that comes up and then you'll be asked to enter the public URL of your form, which can be found on the Publish page.

Note: This is also where you can define your form's height and width so that it is the proper size for your site.

Once you've completed the "Add a gadget to your page" pop-up, click OK and your form should now be visible on your site.

Embed a Workflow

With Google Sites, you cannot embed a workflow link as an iframe. Instead, you will need to embed the public link to your first form as outlined above and add a custom redirect link to your second form. This can be done on the Notifications page.

If you are using more than two forms in your workflow, you will need to add a custom redirect link for each form in order for the user to be automatically directed to the next form.

You can also use the redirect URL to prefill forms or the Salesforce Prefill Connector to prefill as well.

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