WebMerge: Create PDFs from Responses 

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With WebMerge, you can create PDF documents from your responses.

See configuration instructions from WebMerge.


You'll need a FormAssembly Professional, Premier, or Enterprise account and a WebMerge account.

Build WebMerge Integration

First, create your form in FormAssembly and the WebMerge document template.

WebMerge Template

In the document template, add the aliases from the form, using the WebMerge syntax.

Field aliases can be found by clicking the "Show List of Available Aliases" at the bottom of the Notifications page.

WebMerge Template

HTTP Connector

Drag the HTTP connector to the connector timeline and click configure.

In the Merge tab of WebMerge, locate the Merge URL. Paste this URL in the Remote Script field of the HTTP Connector. Click Apply to save the connector.

Send a PDF through Connectors & Emails

It's possible to get the PDF created in WebMerge to return to FormAssembly and saved as a file. This will also allow you to send the file through email notifications, to Salesforce, and other services through the connectors.

To get a file returned from WebMerge, you'll need to add ?download=1 to the query string where the data is being sent.

Example Remote Script URL for the HTTP Connector

Make sure the HTTP connector is set to Submit Mode.

This will send the data to WebMerge and then send the PDF back to FormAssembly so that it can be stored there or sent to another system through the connectors.

Download Link and File Aliases

If you would like to send a download link to the PDF through an email response or through a connector, you can use the following alias, however, this will only provide a link, not the actual PDF file.


In order to send the actual PDF to Salesforce or through another connector, you will need to use this alias, which will attach the file:

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