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You can use FormAssembly's HTTPS connector to create subscribers in Mailchimp. Please use the video tutorial below as a guide.

If you are working with Groups in Mailchimp, this page will provide additional information.

Finally, it is important to note that you cannot update subscribers through FormAssembly's HTTPS connector, only create new subscribers. In other words, once a respondent has subscribed through a form, they cannot subscribe again to a different group.

View the Template

Click here to View the template form in our template library.

Subscribe all respondents to a mailing list

Before getting started, we need to get some information about your mailing list in MailChimp.

1. Log into MailChimp, and navigate to your Lists page

2. Click on the name of mailing list you would like to add subscribers to

3. Once your selected mailing list has loaded, click on "Signup forms"

4. Click on Form builder

5. Locate the Signup form URL 

6. Copy this URL and paste it into the address bar of the current (or another) browser window

7. While your cursor is still in the address bar, press the Enter key.  Note that the URL has now changed:

8. Copy the URL from the browser address bar and paste it into a text editor for use in Step 11

9. In FormAssembly, make sure your form contains fields to collect the respondent's First Name, Last Name, and E-mail Address.  Once this is complete, navigate to the Connectors page of your form.

10. Add a new HTTPS connector if you have not already done so

11. In the Configuration page for your HTTPS connector, paste the URL from Step 8 into the REMOTE SCRIPT URL field, and add "/post" between the word subscribe and the "?" symbol, as follows:

12. The Field Mapping portion of the HTTPS connector is where we configure how the form data is sent over to MailChimp. You will notice there are two columns: "YOUR FORM FIELDS" and "WILL BE SUBMITTED AS...(FIELD NAME)" 

    a) Your form field for the subscriber's E-mail address should be submitted as: MERGE0

    b) Your form field for the subscriber's First Name should be submitted as: MERGE1

    c) Your form field for the subscriber's Last Name should be submitted as: MERGE2

13.  Once the Field Mapping section is complete, Save your changes and enable the HTTPS connector if it has not already been Enabled.

Now, all respondents will be added to your mailing list!

Subscribe respondents who opt-in with a checkbox

To have your respondent opt-in to your mailing list with a form checkbox, follow the steps below after completing the video steps:

1. In Form Builder, add a new checkbox to your form

 (question labels may be hidden under Presentation -> Label Placement)

2. Save your changes

3. Navigate to your form's alias list by clicking on: 

Notifications -> Show the list of available aliases for this form

4. Locate and make note of the field aliases for your:

  • e-mail field
  • checkbox field

5. Navigate back to the HTTPS connector and add another custom field

6. In the "Additional values" column, add an @IF formula similar to the one below:

  • tfa_checkbox should be replaced by the field alias of your checkbox
  • tfa_email should be replaced by the field alias of your e-mail field

7. In the "will be submitted as... (field name)" column, type in MERGE0.  

Your final result will look similar to the screenshot below:

8. Save your changes

Now, respondents will only be added to your mailing list if they check the box!

Video Tutorial 11:47

Subscribe all respondents to your MailChimp mailing list.

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