Akismet Spam Filter (Enterprise Edition) 

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About Akismet

This option adds a Akismet Spam Filter to your form's processing.  

When someone submits a response, Akismet will automatically check that response for spam. If the response gets flagged as spam, FormAssembly will delete the response, or ask the respondent to correct it, depending on how you set it up.


You'll need the Enterprise Edition of FormAssembly.  Akismet can be used with both Enterprise Cloud and Compliance Cloud editions of FormAssembly.

Enterprise Cloud Setup

To enable the Akismet filter for your Enterprise instance, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an Akismet account. Note: A paid subscription may be required. 
  2. Grab the API key. (You'll be automatically redirected to get a key after you sign up for the account.) 
  3. Email support@formassembly.com or open a support request, and tell us (a) your Enterprise account and (b) your API key. 
  4. We'll configure your instance and email you when it's ready.

Next Steps

Once we have configured your instance, you'll need to enable this in the Admin Dashboard in your account.

  1. Go to Admin Dashboard
  2. Click on All Forms
  3. Click on Edit Properties and enable Akismet.
  4. Once it has been enabled, it will then show on the Processing page for your forms.

Enterprise On-Site Setup

In the server configuration, edit


and place at the end before the closing ?>


define('AKISMET_APIKEY','XXXX'); //Replace XXXX with your Akismet key.
define('AKISMET_BLOG_URL',''); //Leave these quotes empty.


Enable per Form

Once the setup is complete, the Akismet option will then be available, and you can enable it on a form-by-form basis in the form's Processing Options page.

NoteAkismet is an independent service, not operated by FormAssembly. Submitted data is shared with Akismet for the purpose of spam filtering, and is subject to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you do not agree to their policy and ToS, do not enable the spam filtering feature.

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