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Currently default templates are not automatically available on Enterprise and Compliance Cloud accounts. If you are on an Enterprise or Compliance Cloud plan and would like to have any of the listed templates transferred to your account, you can do so using our Form Transfer Tool from a Professional or Premier account, or you can reach out to our Support Team for assistance. 

Want to have access to templates on EC? Let the product team know here.

Template NameDescriptionCategory
1Charitable Donation FormMake giving easy as possible, use this simple donation form to get started.Non-Profit
2Contact FormStay connected with your customers by using this contact form that allows them to note their availability.Enterprise
3Event Registration FormBook multiple guests, with or without lodging, and have them pay for their attendance using Stripe or PayPal.Payment Connectors, Enterprise
4Authorize Payment FormSecurely collect payment details for one-time or recurring payments using the Stripe Connector.Payment Connectors, Finance
5Personal Data Access, Rectification and Erasure Request FormUsed for European Union residents to access, rectify, delete, or object to further processing of the personal data you possess for them, in accordance with the GDPR.Compliance
6Salesforce Web-to-Lead FormGenerate a Lead straight from this form once you’ve authenticated your Salesforce account. Basic contact information has been configured in the Connector settings.Enterprise
7Volunteer Registration Form Recruit volunteers by collecting contact information and schedule details, so you know the applicant’s availability right from the start.Non-Profit
8Membership Subscription Purchase FormMake collecting dues from new members easy as a click a button through this form and our PayPal integration.Payment Connectors, Non-profit
9Contest Entry FormCalling all contestants! Verify participant eligibility as well as set an end date, response quota and limits the number of entries. Enterprise
10PTO Request FormProvide this simple form to your employees to streamline the time-off request process for your organization.Human Resources (HR)
11Report Road Damage Form Empower your community with this damage report form which can automatically report a location through a user’s smartphone or mobile device GPS with geolocation.Government
12Email Newsletter Signup Form Manage your newsletter subscribers with this form and our Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector.Salesforce, Enterprise
13Nonprofit Event Registration Focus on your mission and use this form to manager event registration with purchasing through the iATS Payment connector.Payment Connectors
14Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)Collecting feedback from past and current customers on your service and products, is a great way to improve your business. Enterprise
15Market Research SurveyUnderstand your market so that you can make better, more data driven decisions that support your clients and business's needs.Enterprise
16Information Request FormUsed in a variety of industries, collect contact information and details to complete a transaction with your clients.Enterprise
17Mailing List Sign-UpEmbed this simple form into your website to allow people to sign up for additional communications.Enterprise
18Membership RegistrationHave respondents purchase a new membership with your organization using this form that contains all the fields for a successful Stripe transaction.Payment Connector, Non-profit
19Scholarship ApplicationGet your students started with putting their best foot forward, by using this in depth form, designed to highlight their scholastic aptitude.Education
20Stay in Touch FormRequest that your respondents keep in the loop with news about your organization.Enterprise, Non-profit
21University ApplicationA quick start to receiving comprehensive student applications that further the mission of your quality academic institution. Education
22Non Disclosure Agreement TemplateComplying to security policies is important to us, make sure your clients do the same.Enterprise, Compliance & Security
23K-12 Parent SurveyParents are an important part of a child's education, use this survey to gauge their level of participation with school activities. Education
24HIPAA Medical Release FormAllow for patients to complete this release form prior to getting into the office.Healthcare, Compliance & Security
25Event Feedback Survey Survey all the people who attended your event to get a better understanding of their participation and expectations from their different perspectives.Non-profit, Enterprise
26Travel Reimbursement Form TemplateTraveling for work can be exciting but exhausting, so let's make submitting for reimbursement a breeze.Human Resources (HR)
27Alumni SurveyKeep a pulse on where you alumni are now and their interest in supporting the college after graduation.Education
28Peer Evaluation FormSimply your review process by using this form to get started on collecting that data more quickly.Human Resources (HR)
29Symptom TrackerEmpower your patients to send data ahead of time so you can tailor their medical appointments to better fit their needs.Healthcare,
30Appointment Request Let your clients tell you exactly when they are available using this straightforward form.Enterprise
3130 Day Employee ReviewQuickly give new hires an idea on how they are performing by completing this review.Human Resources (HR)
325k Race RegistrationPurchasing registration to an event doesn't need to be difficult, use this form to provide clear choices and payment options for participants. Non-profit
33Class RegistrationAllow students to sign up for an extra class or use this as the base for a more robust class registration process.Education
34Student Registration FormRegister new student in your system and allow them to elect multiple courses to attend.Education
35Customer Invoice Collect invoices online with the ready made, easy to use form.Human Resources (HR), Finance
36Employment ApplicationDo away with paper forms and have interested candidates apply directly to your company via this webform.Human Resources (HR)
37Apply for A Position FormPost a vacant quickly with this simple and easy job application.Human Resources (HR)
38Expense ReimbursementAllow employees to itemize their work expenses and upload receipts.Enterprise, Human Resources (HR), Finance
39Summer Camp Registration FormFocus on planning the fun in the sun, let this form get you started with camper information and payment details.Education
40Workshop RegistrationOrganize some continual education for your team or clientele, include purchasing options.Education
41Field Trip Permission FormCollect all your permission slips for student using this handy form instead.Education
42Medical History FormStreamline your collection of medical data by using this form to quickly and securely capture the patient information you need.Healthcare
43Startup Validation FormValidate your startup idea by launching this form to your customer base or embedding it in a landing page.Enterprise
44Background Check AuthorizationSafely grow your company with quality candidates that pass your evaluations.Human Resources (HR), Compliance & Security
45Blood Donor Registration Empower your community to save lives my registering people to be blood donors.Healthcare
46W-4 TemplateFocus on training your new employees by simplifying the paperwork.Human Resources (HR), Finance
47Candidate Interview EvaluationGain an in-depth understanding of new hires to your team by talking about their previous experiences, skills and aspirations in and out of work.Human Resources (HR)
48Quiz - Capitals of the WorldPut your students to the test and on the path to being a global citizen with the assessmentEducation
49Form Building 101: Introduction to Field TypesGet started with form building using this walkthrough of the different field types, their set up and popular use cases.Form Builder
50Stay In Touch: Updating Contact Record in SalesforceEmpower your customers to update their information with your organization by creating a stay in touch form and then mapping that to the data you have stored in Salesforce. Connectors
51Collecting Donations with PayPalUse PayPal to collect donations for your organization, learn what fields you need and how to map them.Connectors
52Using Calculations to Build Simple Quiz with ResultsLearn how to create tests, quizzes and assessments using the calculations feature.Form Builder
53Introducing Conditional RulesUnleash the power of dynamic web forms by exploring the Conditional Rules Editor to show only relevant questions to your respondents.
54Form Building 100: Exploring the Form Builder
Take a tour of the main components of our easy to use, drag & drop Form Builder tool. 
Form Builder
55Discount Codes: Using Calculations with JavaScript
Build discount codes into your payment form experiences with a little help from our calculations feature and Javascript.
Form Builder
56Form Building 102: Understanding Field Options
Understand the full extent of the options available with each of our 9 unique field types and use them to create dynamic forms that can collect the data you need.
Form Builder
57Routing Emails using Conditional Rules
Notify the right people dependent on the information provided by the respondent using our Conditional Rules Editor.
Form Builder
58Theme Editor 100: Exploring Form Customization
Customize your forms to reflect your business's identify by taking this introductory tour of our Theme Editor.
Theme Editor
59Course Evaluation Form
Allow your students to quickly give feedback on the courses they are taking.
60Demographics Survey
Get a better understanding of your customers with this basic survey.
61Dental Patient Intake Form 
Operate your dental office with maximum efficiency let your patients take charge of providing you with the data you need.
62Doctor Referral 
Support your patient's next journey with a new doctor with this simple form.
63Employee Exit Survey
Keep an eye on the turnover in and the health of your organization by capturing your departing employees final thoughts.
Human Resources (HR)
64Health Check-In Template
Make yearly updates to standard patient records quicker than ever, to leave more time to chat about wellbeing.
65Team Event Planning
Planning a team event doesn't have to be a messy string of emails, collect all the data in one place.
Human Resources (HR), Enterprise
66Daily Parking Permit Application
Have residents focus on welcoming their friends and family with style instead of toiling with logistics.
67Resident Parking Permit Application
Automate another part of your resident registration process.
68Patient Discharge Form
Focus on giving care instead of taking care of extra paperwork using this form to streamline your processes.
69Post-Visit Patient Satisfaction Template
Provide your patients with a way to share their thoughts so that you can improve your medical practice.
70Wedding RSVP
Don't stress about your big day, allow your wedding guests to give you all the pertinent details at once!
71Virtual Happy Hour Registration
Hang out with friend, family and colleagues using this form to schedule a memory.
Human Resources (HR), Events
72House Rental Application
Rent your place to a resident who fits your criteria and needs.
73COVID-19 Rent Relief Application & Affidavit
Distribute relief funds to affected parties in need during this financial crisis.
74Customer Experience Survey
Understand your customers experiences by using this data to improve your product or service.
75Client Feedback Survey
Ask your clients about their experience and impressions with your brand or business.
76Political Poll
Take the pulse of your constituents to get a better understanding of their actions.
77Zoo Donation Form
Provide donors with multiple ways to give a gift to your organization using the Stripe connector.
Non-profit, Payment Connectors
78Job Satisfaction Survey
Gain insights into how your employees feel about their role and the company at large.
Human Resources (HR)
79Social Media Usage Survey
Use this survey to do some research on consumer behaviors with social media.
80Classroom Observation Survey
Equip your observers with an easy way to access classrooms they are visiting.
81Customer Cancellation Survey
Capture the last minute thoughts of churning customers to better understand how you didn't meet their needs.
82Pre-K Admissions & Visit Enquiry
Inspire new students with the beauty of your campus and modern data processes.
83Alumni Dinner RSVP
Foster lasting relationships with your alumni over a nice community event.
Education, Events
84Authorized Absence Approval Request 
Let your employees inform you ahead of time that they won't be in the office.
Human Resources (HR)
85Data Request Form
Allow clients to expunge all their data from your records.
Compliance & Security
86Employee Self Service Portal
Get rid of unwanted paperwork and have your employees use this dynamic form for updating contact info, PTO and company matching programs instead.
Human Resources (HR)
87Get Updates 
Subscribing to customized content is as easy as clicking submit.
88Veteran's Pain Assessment
Cut right to the business of healing by getting to know your patient's needs beforehand.
89Patient Enrollment 
Focus on providing first class services by getting some of the easy questions out of the way upfront.
90Property Info 
Register properties in your database with pertinent information.
91Request for Appointment 
Scheduling new clients doesn't have to be a headache.
92College Information Request 
Make it easy for students to pick up their studies again by letting you know they're interested with a few clicks.
93Application for Admission
Collect all the data you need to make the right decisions on educating the next generation.
94Course Change Application
Adding and dropping classes can be managed by your students in just a couple of clicks.
95Event Logistics Checklist
Sign off on all the details before the big day of the event with this planning sheet.
Enterprise, Events
96Cardholder Statement Dispute: Fraud
Protect your clients by letting them quickly file a claim on false charges.
97New Employee Setup
Add new hires to the appropriate mailing this so they can stay in the loop.
Human Resources (HR)
98Credit & Transcripts Request
Support your students in the next steps of their careers by allowing them to purchase their education records.
99Find My Rep
Lock onto the right people to contact by building out a way to locate your subject matter experts.
100Dry Eye Diagnosis Quiz
Soothe the data collection process with this short health questionnaire.
101New Hire Request
Expanding the team can be a snap if you use this form to track all hiring proposals.
Human Resources (HR)
102Faculty Compensation Change Request 
Rise up to the occasion on raises and other compensation needs.
Education, Human Resources (HR)
103HR Action Request
Champion a healthy work environment by safely collecting data on any HR needs.
Human Resources (HR)
104Travel Preferences Survey
Allow your people to travel in style or at least in comfortable by asking about their preferences.
Human Resources (HR)
105File Complaint of Police Misconduct
See something, say something doesn't have to be a lengthy process.
106Webinar Registration
Confirm how many viewers will be attending ahead of time.
107New Patient Packet Request
Request mailing information for new patients to receive their packets.
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