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The easiest way to keep your forms organized is to use Tags and Descriptions with your forms.

You can add tags to each of your forms in order to make it easier to find the form you're looking for by using the filtering options at the top of your Form List. You can also add a short description to each form.

Adding Tags & Descriptions

To add a tag to your form, click the Edit Descriptions and Tags link.

Image of the Forms List with the Edit Description and Tags link highlighted in a red box

After clicking the link, you'll be able to add in single or multiple tags as well as a description for your form.

Image of the Form Description and Tags modal shown

Searching Tags

After you've added in tags to your form, you can search for your tags using the Tags search box at the top of the Form List page. Additionally, you can use the search bar at the top right to find specific tags as well.

Image of the Forms List with the Tags combobox focused

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