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The Forms page is the screen you see after logging into FormAssembly. 

From this page, you can create, clone or edit forms, view responses and build workflows. 

It also contains the Form List.

Managing Forms

Sort & Filter

You can sort forms alphabetically, by last modified, by most recent responses, by number of responses, and by tag (previously called categories). You can also use the search bar to find forms based on their title or form ID.


A quick click takes you straight to the form builder.


Set which dates your forms are active, who gets email notifications, configure connectors and more from the Configure button.   Here's more on configuring your forms.


Click View to see the live version of your form.  

Click Clone to create an exact copy of a form (including connectors). This can be helpful for troubleshooting or for starting from an already existing form.  It is important to note that no responses will be copied over to the cloned form.  Additionally, notification and processing settings will also not be copied over.

How to Clone a Form

  1. Hover your mouse over the down arrow next to configure beside the form you want to clone.
  2. The form will open up but to save the clone, you will need to click the save button before you go any further.
  3. You can change the name of the form to include the word clone or rename it completely to differentiate it from the original form.
  4. After you have clicked Save, you'll now have a clone. In Form Builder 5.0 the Save button will remain greyed out until a change has been made in the form. You can make a small change such as moving a field in and out of place if you do not wish to make any larger changes before saving the clone. 

    Please note:  Do not upgrade the cloned form until AFTER you have saved it or it will not clone.


Archiving a form will make it no longer public, but you can still access it.  Deleting the form will erase it completely.

Creating New Forms

You have several options for creating form. 

For your first form, dive into one of our templates or *import from Salesforce. Click New Form to create a form from scratch.
* Depending on plan or permissions.

Here's more on creating your first form.

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