Update and create records in Salesforce and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud: ExactTarget. On Premier and Enterprise Plans, prefill your forms with data.


Get started with Salesforce
Learn how to get started with FormAssembly's Salesforce Connector
Salesforce Prefill Connector
Learn how to use FormAssembly's Salesforce Prefill Connector
 Use FormAssembly in Salesforce
Learn how to install FormAssembly on the Salesforce AppExchange
Populate a Form with Salesforce Data
Learn how to start prefilling from Salesforce
FormAssembly API Calls when Using the Salesforce Connector
Learn more about the API calls FormAssembly makes when using the Salesforce Connector.
Testing your Salesforce Forms and Connectors
Introduction One of the most important steps before sending out a form to respondents, is testing.  You will want to make sure your form and connectors work exactly how you expect them to, regardless of a respondent's use case.  T...
Using FormAssembly's Publishing API with Salesforce
Learn about FormAssembly's publishing API with Salesforce
Create a Secure Salesforce API User
Learn about configuring Salesforce API users
Make Salesforce and PayPal Work Together
How can I make my organization's PayPal account and Salesforce account interact more closely? By default, only credit card transactions which take place immediately after the form is submitted will show in the FormAssembly response. A PayPa...
The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
Learn how to use FormAssembly with the Salesforce Nonprofit Pack
Link Records in Salesforce with Lookup Relationship Fields
Learn how to link multiple records within Salesforce
 Use Case: Prefill Salesforce Data for Respondents to View and Edit
Learn how you can prefill Salesforce information for your respondents to view and/or edit.
Reauthenticate your Salesforce Connector
Introduction There are some cases where you might need to reauthenticate or change the authenticated account for your Salesforce connector.  You might be switching from Sandbox to Production accounts, you might be adding a new user to your...
Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO) Email Verification New
Learn how to verify your FormAssembly account for Salesforce Single Sign-On.
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