Updated Articles

  1. Form Builder Version Updated

    I've been notified that a new Form Builder version is available. What does that mean? We regularly update the Form Builder to address issues and add new features. Sometimes, we decide to release an update as an official new version . A ne...
  2.  PayPal Connector Setup Updated

    Learn how to use the PayPal connector to process payments
  3.  E-Signature Updated

    Learn how you can add an e-signature requirement to your forms.
  4. Which Payment Connector Should I Use?

    Use our guide to decide which payment connector is best for your needs
  5. Using JavaScript on a Form and Within Calculations

    Learn how to add custom JavaScript to your form.
  6. Workflows

    Learn how to build a FormAssembly workflow to connect multiple forms together.
  7. Formulas for Common Uses

    Learn the basics for using formulas with FormAssembly
  8.  The Theme Editor

    You can use themes to customize your form's style. Change the typography, font sizes, color schemes, background patterns, buttons, borders, padding, and much more with the Theme Editor. For further customization, add custom CSS or JavaSc...
  9. Mailchimp Groups

    Overview At times you may need to add your subscribers to a group in your Mailchimp account.  It is important to note that once a respondent has subscribed through a form, they cannot subscribe again to a different group.  I...
  10. Embed Your Form's HTML

    Learn how to publish your form by embedding your form's HTML on your organization's website.
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