Updated Articles

  1. Sensitive Data

    About Sensitive Data If you are collecting sensitive data in your form, you can use FormAssembly's Sensitive Data Feature to indicate which specific fields contain that data. This is useful for compliance with the GDPR , HIPAA, or forms coll...
  2. Workflow Responses

    Please Note: This feature is being slowly rolled out to our customers with Enterprise plans and above. If you have one of these plans and do not see this feature yet, you will receive it in the coming weeks. Introduction Thanks to FormAssembly W...
  3. Salesforce.org Elevate Connector

    Overview With FormAssembly's Salesforce.org Elevate Connector, you can easily process one-time credit card payments and set up recurring credit card payments. This connector is available for Premier plans and above and must be set up on a form-...
  4. FormAssembly's Mobile App for iOS Devices

    Learn about FormAssembly's mobile iOS app for offline and mobile data collection.
  5. Manage Identity Providers for Forms

    Overview FormAssembly’s Single Sign-On is a powerful tool to guard against unintended form access and reduce spam. Now, FormAssembly’s Identity Provider Management capabilities allow users on Enterprise plans and above to set up SSO for...
  6. Chargent Connector

    Learn how to use the Chargent connector to process payments
  7. Custom Enterprise Domains

    Overview Custom domains are able to be used on your FormAssembly forms in order to mask the domain portion of your form links. So instead of the following link: [Your chosen instance name].tfaforms.net/123456 where 123456 is the form ID, your res...
  8. Use FormAssembly in Salesforce

    Learn how to install FormAssembly on the Salesforce AppExchange
  9. SAML Authentication Setup

    Overview SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) can be used to secure access to your FormAssembly account and forms. There are two methods for using SAML with FormAssembly: Single Sign-On: this will allow users to sign into their FormAssembly...
  10. Start Here: Learn About FormAssembly's Support and Services

    How to contact FormAssembly's customer success team so we can help you resolve any trouble you might be running into.
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