Updated Articles

  1.  Best Practices in Web Form Security Updated

    Introduction When you create a web form, your respondent's trust and security should be your number one concern. To help you build trust and boost security, the FormAssembly team conducted a class outlining the most important principle...
  2. Validation Rules Updated

    The purpose of input validation is to help your respondents provide the desired answers in the expected format. It is an aid, and it is not designed to be foolproof. There are ways one can bypass the validation and, although rare in a normal use ca...
  3.  Add Discount Codes to your Form Updated

    Learn how to add percent-based and dollar-based discount codes into your form.
  4. Pardot Integration Updated

    Learn how to use our HTTPS connector to send data to Pardot
  5. Akismet Spam Filter (Enterprise Edition) Updated

    Learn about Akismet spam filtering for Enterprise
  6. Advanced Branding: Change Browser Tab Icon Updated

    This article will walk you through how to replace the default "FA" icon in your browser tab (also known as a "favicon") with an icon of your choosing so you can give your forms a more customized look. Requirements In order to ...
  7. Custom CSS Updated

    Introduction You can use the Theme Editor to customize the elements of your forms, but sometimes you may need to customize further than the Theme Editor will allow. Please note : The examples listed below are common examples.  You may n...
  8. Which Payment Connector Should I Use?

    Use our guide to decide which payment connector is best for your needs
  9. GoToWebinar Integration

    Learn how to use our HTTPS connector to integrate with GoToWebinar
  10. Sending an eSig Image to Webmerge for PDF Creation

    Overview To send an esignature image to Webmerge to get PDFed—it’s possible, but you need to do two things differently than for standard text fields as is demonstrated in the doc . In the Webmerge template, you can’t just use an...
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