Updated Articles

  1. Thank You Page or Redirect

    Learn how to create a thank you page or a redirect link to send respondent's to a new page upon form completion.
  2. Edit the Form Submit Button and Add a Cancel Button

    Learn how to edit the text of the Submit button.
  3. Your Welcome Call

    Learn about FormAssembly's Welcome Calls. A 45-minute call with our customer success team to help get you started on the right foot!
  4. Go Live Form Review

    What is a Go Live Review? The Go Live Review is a one time 45 minute conference call between your team (up to 3 people) and a Customer Success Manager to review a single form and prepare it for launch. During this call, we review the form's set...
  5. Using FormAssembly's Publishing API with Salesforce

    Learn about FormAssembly's publishing API with Salesforce
  6. Salesforce Communities Authentication

    Learn how to use Salesforce Communities authentication with your FormAssembly forms
  7. SAML Setup with Salesforce

    Learn how to use SAML authentication in conjunction with Salesforce
  8.  Authorize.Net Connector

    Learn how to use the Authorize.net connector to process payments
  9. SSL Encryption / Secure Form

    Learn about SSL encryption for your FormAssembly forms.
  10. Using the "Like" Operator in the Salesforce Connector

    Learn about using the "Like" operator in the Salesforce connector
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