Updated Articles

  1. Template Library

    Learn how to use FormAssembly's templates to get started quickly!
  2. Email Notification Security and Authentication

    Email Notification Security and Authentication FormAssembly adheres to common best practices when sending emails including: Using consistent IP addresses when sending bulk emails Keeping valid reverse DNS records for our mailing IP addresse...
  3. Template Administration

    Learn how to manage templates from the admin dashboard
  4.  The FormAssembly Salesforce AppExchange App

    Learn how to install FormAssembly on the Salesforce AppExchange
  5. SAML Authentication Setup

    Overview SAML (or Security Assertion Markup Language) for FormAssembly users is a method for ensuring that data transmissions are secure.  Enterprise users can currently request for SAML Single Sign On to be enabled on their instance. This...
  6.  Resend Response through a Connector

    Learn how to resend a response through a connector
  7. Reauthenticate your Salesforce Connector

    Introduction There are some cases where you might need to reauthenticate or change the authenticated account for your Salesforce connector.  You might be switching from Sandbox to Production accounts, you might be adding a new user to your org...
  8. Sending a Form Upload to Salesforce Files

    Learn how to send uploads to Salesforce Files
  9. Populate (or Prefill) a Form with Salesforce Data

    Learn how to start prefilling from Salesforce
  10. Add Text Around Fields

    Adding text around a field can be helpful when you need something displayed before a value. For example, you can add $ before a numeric value on a form. Steps To add text around a field: Select the field. Select the Options button. Select ...
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