Updated Articles

  1. Sending a Form Upload to Salesforce Files

    Learn how to send uploads to Salesforce Files
  2. Publish with an iFrame

    Learn how to publish and embed your FormAssembly form within an iFrame.
  3. Embed Your Form's HTML

    Learn how to publish your form by embedding your form's HTML on your organization's website.
  4. Dynamic Picklist (v2)

    Overview Dynamic Picklists are multiple-choice questions that get their list of choices directly from Salesforce. Values are populated from Salesforce when the form loads, so the choices in your picklist always stay current without having to refres...
  5. Hyperlink text

    Introduction Hyperlink text in your form with the click of a button!  Please Note:  Adding hyperlinks to Field Labels and Field Choices is not supported and we cannot guarantee performance. Each link that you create is set to open...
  6. Working with the FormAssembly API

    Learn how to use the FormAssembly API to interact with third party integrations.
  7. General Settings

    Learn about general FormAssembly settings like branding, language, themes, and more.
  8. Use the FormAssembly Lightning Component in Salesforce Communities

    Learn how to use FormAssembly's Lightning Component to add a form to your Salesforce Community.
  9. Role Permissions

    Overview Administrators can customize role permissions to specify the options and functionalities that users can access based on their assigned role. If a user attempts to access an option that they don't have access to, they will see the messa...
  10. WordPress

    Learn how to publish and embed your FormAssembly form on a Wordpress site.
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