Updated Articles

  1. Form List Overview

    Learn about FormAssembly's Form List Page: Your home base within the FormAssembly interface.
  2.  Chargent Connector

    Learn how to use the Chargent connector to process payments
  3. Repeatable Fields & Sections with Salesforce

    Learn About Working with Repeatable Fields & Sections with Salesforce
  4. Embed Your Form's HTML

    Learn how to publish your form by embedding your form's HTML on your organization's website.
  5.  Look Up an Existing Salesforce Record

    Learn how to create a lookup in your Salesforce connector.
  6. My Responses

    Learn all about the FormAssembly response page
  7. Formulas for Common Uses

    Learn the basics for using formulas with FormAssembly

    Learn about FormAssembly's CAPTCHA feature
  9. Prefill Links with URL Encoding

    Learn how to use URL encoding to fix a prefilling link that is breaking as a result of special characters.
  10. Form Builder Version

    I've been notified that a new Form Builder version is available. What does that mean? We regularly update the Form Builder to address issues and add new features. Sometimes, we decide to release an update as an official new version . A new ...
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