Updated Articles

  1. Dynamic Picklist (v2)

    Overview Dynamic Picklists are multiple-choice questions that get their list of choices directly from Salesforce. Values are populated from Salesforce when the form loads, so the choices in your picklist always stay current without having to refres...
  2. Connecting to Salesforce

    Learn how to connect to your Salesforce account from your FormAssembly connector
  3. Use the FormAssembly Lightning Component in Salesforce Communities

    Learn how to use FormAssembly's Lightning Component to add a form to your Salesforce Community.
  4. Preventing Spam Responses

    Stop Spam Spam is unfortunately an inescapable part of the modern internet.   While there is no 100% surefire way to prevent all spam, there are a variety of steps you can take to reduce and minimize spam submissions. In this document, we&rs...
  5. Autocomplete

    What is Autocomplete? Many browsers contain features which can help users fill in webforms automatically. For example, they could prefill the user's address or contact details based on previously filled in forms. Users can also set up their own...
  6. Prefill Lookups Using Secure Parameters

    Learn how to use secure lookup parameters for prefilling
  7. Edit Multiple Choice Fields and Autosuggest

    This article references Autosuggest, a feature which is available on Form Builder version 4.4.0 and higher. Currently, all new forms created will have Autosuggest enabled. Autosuggest is available to all Premier, Enterprise, and Compliance Cloud use...
  8. Dataset List

    Managing Datasets The Dataset List makes it easy to manage datasets you've imported to use with our Autosuggest feature . Datasets are useful when you want users to be able to choose from lists of options to long for a dropdown menu. To acce...
  9. Form Moderation Administration

    Learn how to moderate forms from the admin dashboard
  10. Working With the New Stripe SCA Updates

    What is SCA? Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement which is meant to make online payments more secure and reduce fraud. SCA requires authentication to use at least two of the following three elements: Somet...
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