Updated Articles

  1.  E-Signature

    Learn how you can add an e-signature requirement to your forms.
  2. Sending a Form Upload to Salesforce Files

    Learn how to send uploads to Salesforce Files
  3. Response Volume Limits

    Learn about FormAssembly's response volume limits.
  4. Make Salesforce and PayPal Work Together

    How can I make my organization's PayPal account and Salesforce account interact more closely? By default, only credit card transactions which take place immediately after the form is submitted will show in the FormAssembly response. A PayPal tr...
  5. Add HotJar Analytics to a Form

    Add a HotJar tracking code to your form to track analytics: including features like heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, and feedback polls.
  6. Post Redirect Connector

    Introduction The Post Redirect connector is quite similar to the HTTPS Connector.  While the HTTPS Connector allows you to forward submitted data through the server, the Post Redirect Connector allows you to forward submitted data from FormAss...
  7.  ScheduleOnce Integration

    Learn how to use FormAssembly's HTTP Connector to send appointment and scheduling information to ScheduleOnce.
  8. Working with the FormAssembly API

    Learn how to use the FormAssembly API to interact with third party integrations.
  9. Bizible Integration

    Overview The Bizible integration works on embedded forms, including forms that are in an iframe.  This allows you to collect tracking data for your forms including web source, medium, keyword, visitors, cookies, and much more by using their ad...
  10. Look Up an Account Record with Contact Details

    Learn how to Look Up an Account Record with Contact Details
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