Updated Articles

  1. Create Dependent Objects

    Learn How to Create Dependent Objects
  2. Reauthenticate your Salesforce Connector

    Introduction There are some cases where you might need to reauthenticate or change the authenticated account for your Salesforce connector.  You might be switching from Sandbox to Production accounts, you might be adding a new user to your org...
  3.  File Uploads and Salesforce Attachments

    Learn how to Work with File Uploads and Salesforce Attachments
  4. Add Fields and Sections

    Add Fields and Sections At the top left of the Form Builder , you'll find a blue Add Content button. From here, you can add a variety of elements, such as fields and sections. Overview of Field Types In the Form Builde...
  5. Validation Rules

    The purpose of input validation is to help your respondents provide the desired answers in the expected format. It is an aid, and it is not designed to be foolproof. There are ways one can bypass the validation and, although rare in a normal use ...
  6. Sending a Form Upload to Salesforce Files

    Learn how to send uploads to Salesforce Files
  7. Formulas for Common Uses

    Learn the basics for using formulas with FormAssembly
  8.  Smart Processing with Formulas

    Learn how to use FormAssembly formulas for dynamic form processing
  9. Formula Troubleshooting

    Learn how to troubleshoot seeing A## in Formula Output
  10.  Prefill Through the URL

    Learn how to prefill data into your forms through the URL
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