Updated Articles

  1. Updating Your Plan and Password

    Learn how you can update your FormAssembly plan and password.
  2.  Stripe Connector

    Learn how to process form payments with our Stripe connector
  3. Share Forms and Data

    Learn how you can collaborate and share your FormAssembly forms with other members of your organization.
  4.  Linking Records in the Salesforce Connector

    Learn how to link records in the Salesforce connector
  5.  Salesforce Prefill Connector

    Learn how to use the Salesforce Prefill Connector
  6. Search All Reports

    Overview Searching responses for each form can be tedious if you're trying to locate a certain piece of information but you're unsure of which form it may be in and you have multiple forms. Requirements This feature is available to all c...
  7. Incomplete Responses

    Learn how to manage incomplete form responses
  8. My Responses

    Learn all about the FormAssembly response page
  9. Salesforce Error: Data value too large

    Error Data value too large This error means that the value submitted to Salesforce exceeds the maximum character length set for the Salesforce field. Resolution Apply character limit to the text field that is throwing the error. To add a ...
  10. Salesforce Error: Is not a valid value for the type xsd:date

    Learn how to resolve common Salesforce connector issues
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