Use Case: Prefill Salesforce Data for Respondents to View and Edit 

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There are many cases where it can be helpful to display Salesforce record information to your form respondents.

In general, you can ask your form respondents to enter a piece of information on a form, and then use that information to trigger the Salesforce Prefill Connector. The Prefill Connector can then be used to prefill and display any record information that was found.  

This can be helpful when you want your form respondents to be able to see and/or edit any information you have stored in your Salesforce records.

Note: This is a two form process.  Users will automatically be redirected to the second form upon submission of the first form.  The information entered in the first form will be used to trigger the Prefill Connector of the second form.

The Prefill connector cannot be used in the middle of a single form to dynamically prefill information as a form is being completed.

The video below discusses this process in detail, however, if this is your first time using the prefill connector we highly recommend watching this tutorial first. These tutorials will provide background information for building prefilling links and configuring your prefill connector.

Finally, the video below discusses how you can use a form submission to redirect users to a second form while also triggering the prefill connector to run.  However, a similar process can also be accomplished by sending a prefilling link to your respondents through a Salesforce email template.  

Video Tutorial

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