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FormAssembly for AppExchange is a tool that allows you to access your FormAssembly account from within Salesforce, without requiring a separate login (this is also called Single Sign-On or SSO).

You may access the same form building and Salesforce integration capabilities by signing up directly on our main website: and selecting our Professional, Premier, or Enterprise Plan.

You can also watch our video tutorial below for a complete walkthrough of the installation process.

Install AppExchange for Professional and Premier Plans

To install our AppExchange application, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to our AppExchange listing and click Get it Now.

  2. Review the content of the application (package installation details), then click Confirm and Install.

  3. Log in with your Salesforce administrator account and choose to install for particular users, everyone, or just administrators.  If you are attempting to install FormAssembly on your Sandbox instance, you will need to login to your production instance first, and then select Sandbox for the specific installation location.

  4. Open the FormAssembly App from the drop down menu in the top right corner of your Salesforce screen. Click the About tab to choose your plan.

    New users: Select your plan, accept the terms and agreements, and enter your account information to sign up for your free 14-day trial.
    Please Note: Your FormAssembly username must match your Salesforce username to authenticate Single Sign On capabilities.  

    If your screen does not look like the image above, please make sure you have opened FormAssembly's Lightning App, and not FormAssembly's Classic App.

    Existing users: select login at the top right corner of the screen and enter your login information.
  5. You're all set! You should receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Be sure to update your billing information before your 14 days are up or your account will be suspended.

For more information on installing AppExchange applications, visit the AppExchange FAQ and Installing Apps from the AppExchange.

Install AppExchange for Enterprise

  1. Complete the AppExchange installation of FormAssembly as discussed above.
  2. Log into your FormAssembly instance to access the Administrator account.
  3. Go to the Admin Dashboard and choose to add a new user with the same username as your Salesforce username. If your user exists already, please be sure that your usernames for FormAssembly and Salesforce match.
  4. Open this page in your browser and follow the on screen instructions to upgrade the FormAssembly for AppExchange package, or to ensure that your installed package is up to date.
  5. On the last screen, once the upgrade is complete, click Done.  You will be taken to the Installed Packages page.  Please scroll down to the FormAssembly package and click Configure.
  6. On the FormAssembly Configuration Information page, enter where xxxx is your instance name. Do not add www or http:// before the URL. Select a profile and save.  
  7. Log out of Salesforce, clear your cookie cache, and log back in. You should have access to your demo through the username you set up.
  8. Log into Salesforce as a Salesforce Admin for your org and go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings
  9. Click FormAssembly Configuration and then Manage above. 
  10. Click New above the profile list. Add an entry for the +starter user's profile, with the correct URL. You will have to do this for every profile that you will have users on your FormAssembly instance for. Alternatively, you can select the org-wide New button in the top half of the screen, and change the default for the org.  However, It is recommended to do this on a Profile basis.

Video Tutorial (Salesforce Lightning)

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