New Articles

  1. Edit the Form Submit Button and Add a Cancel Button

    Learn how to edit the text of the Submit button.
  2. Go Live Form Review

    What is a Go Live Review? The Go Live Review is a one time 45 minute conference call between your team (up to 3 people) and a Customer Success Manager to review a single form and prepare it for launch. During this call, we review the form's set...
  3.  Add Discount Codes to your Form

    Learn how to add percent-based and dollar-based discount codes into your form.
  4. Salesforce Error: Bad value for restricted picklist

    Learn how to resolve the Salesforce error " Bad value for restricted picklist"
  5. Salesforce Error: Is not a valid value for the type xsd:double

    Learn how to resolve the Salesforce error "Is not a valid value for the type xsd:double"
  6.  Use Case: Require Only a Certain Number of Checkboxes

    Learn how to limit the number of checkboxes a respondent can check in a form.
  7.  ScheduleOnce Integration

    Learn how to use FormAssembly's HTTP Connector to send appointment and scheduling information to ScheduleOnce.
  8. Validation Rules for Date/Time Predefined Content Field

    Learn about the validation rules for our Date/Time predefined content field.
  9. Working with the FormAssembly API

    Learn how to use the FormAssembly API to interact with third party integrations.
  10. Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO) Email Verification

    Learn how to verify your FormAssembly account for Salesforce Single Sign-On.
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