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  1. AWS Migration for Internationally Hosted Clients: What You Need to Know New

    FormAssembly will be making an infrastructure switch to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – a positive change that will result in rapid automated scalability when traffic increases, better redundancy for e
  2. Mailchimp Groups

    Overview At times you may need to add your subscribers to a group in your Mailchimp account.  It is important to note that once a respondent has subscribed through a form, they cannot subscribe again to a different group.  I...
  3. Enable IP Anonymization for Form Respondents

    Learn how to anonymize the IP addresses for form respondents
  4. Form Builder Version Updated

    I've been notified that a new Form Builder version is available. What does that mean? We regularly update the Form Builder to address issues and add new features. Sometimes, we decide to release an update as an official new version . A ne...
  5. Common Stripe Error Messages

    Overview When dealing with Stripe, you will occasionally run into error messages in the log that prevents it from running. Error - Unit Price not Set The most common occurrence is when you're using both single and recurring payments on the ...
  6. Getting Started with Form Builder 5

    Learn how to get started with FormAssembly's new Form Builder 5!
  7. Dates and Dashes

    Overview Salesforce has issues with dashes when dates are submitted via the Salesforce connector.  A simple formula will allow you to automatically convert the date from MM-DD-YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY. Resolution Use the following formula in you...
  8. Google Indexing

    Learn how to have your form be not indexed by Google.
  9. Use Case: Create a Salesforce Service Cloud Case

    Learn how to create case records in Salesforce Service Cloud
  10. Embedding Videos within Forms

    Learn how to embed a video on your form.
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