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    Learn how to install FormAssembly on the Salesforce AppExchange
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    Learn how to create a 4-digit CVV code for American Express cards.
  3. Multiple Choice Fields and Autosuggest

    Introduction Multiple choice fields are fields that contain a list of choices that your form respondents can select from. Types of multiple-choice fields include: Radio Buttons Drop-down Menus Multi-select Lists Checkboxes You can add and ed...
  4. Conditionally Create or Update Records in Salesforce: Skip-if Formula

    Learn how to use a Skip-if formula in the Salesforce Connector
  5.  Prefill Through the URL

    Learn how to prefill data into your forms through the URL
  6. Formulas for Common Uses

    Learn the basics for using formulas with FormAssembly
  7. Salesforce Error: "ID Value of Incorrect Type"

    Learn how to resolve a Salesforce Connector error of "ID Value of Incorrect Type"
  8. Email Notifications and Auto-Responder

    Learn about form notifications and setting up FormAssembly's Auto-Responder to send out automatic emails when forms are submitted.
  9. Get Started with Salesforce

    Learn how to get started with FormAssembly's Salesforce Connector
  10. Salesforce Error: Required Fields are Missing

    Learn how to resolve common Salesforce connector issues
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